Human Resource & Payroll Management

RM IT offers a comprehensive, reliable and scalable Payroll solution, the ‘Human Resource & Payroll Management’ or simply HRPM which is totally configurable solution for any sized HR and Payroll needs.

HRPM is a windows-based application developed using Microsoft Technology. It includes a huge collection of components with a variety of modules like Employee Enrollment, Leave & Attendance, and Loan Management and Payroll system.

We take pride in its ease to use and process during peak hours. It is a very user friendly solution and reduces delays, cuts inefficiencies and administrative hassles. The entire details of employees are stored on a centralized database enabling the software to make speedy strategic decisions.

Our Payroll software is not just another payroll processing module; it automates all aspects of the payroll domain with very little manual effort required. Month-end payroll processing is a very critical activity and HRPM processes your effort as quick, transparent and easy as any organization would desire. Responsive and effective support is provided as per the client needs.

Key Features

  • Simple and User friendly User Interface
  • Robust & Advanced Product
  • Role-based access to various Management Levels
  • User Administration
  • Audit Logs & Preferences
  • Fully customizable
  • Assured compliance
  • Completely configurable workflow
  • Windows-based working
  • Integrated Centralized Database
  • Data Security

Key Functionality

  • Administration
  • Employee and Trainee Profiles
  • Transfer Request & Approvals
  • Transfer History
  • Promotion Request & Approvals
  • Maintain Promotion History
  • Relieve and Reporting while transfers
  • Leave Types
  • Calculate Leave Encashment
  • Daily Employee Attendance Posting
  • Leave Request and Approve
  • Loan types to employees
  • Loan Information (loan amount, start & end date, interest type, number of installments)
  • Interest types (flat interest, reducing balance, reducing balance EMI)
  • Loan principal and interest deducted are tracked and displayed separately
  • Facility for lump sum repayments outside of payrolls
  • Loans deductions automatically stop after total recovery
  • Loans automatically considered for recovery during final settlement
  • Loan Processing at various levels
  • Configurable Salary Components
  • Salary Structure creation
  • Allowance Calculation
  • Automated Statuary Deduction (PF, Professional Tax)
  • Payroll processing, salary statements
  • Full & final settlement Module
  • Day, Month & Year End Processes
  • Extensive Reports