Some of our esteemed clients include:

Reqelford International School


Share Microfin Limited- HR

“RM IT has been serving us for a long time, and their work has always given us complete satisfaction. Work would have been very tedious if RM IT would not meet our day-to-day requirements, and customize the product accordingly. The various reports generated by the product have proven to be time saving and very helpful. Although RM IT product has excelled in providing quality service in every aspect, it has helped us tremendously in disbursement of salaries. “

St. Johns Church

“RM IT consists of a great team. They have been very spontaneous and helpful in creating websites for our church. They go out of the way to satisfy us and provide us with effective results. Their creativity and hard working nature has always inspired us to work with them time and again. We are grateful to have worked with such an efficient team, and are looking forward to working with them again!”


“The software established by RM IT for our school, has met all our requirements. We are very happy with the support this product gives us on a day-to-day basis. All the transactions happen smoothly, with minimal effort. And we thank RM IT for developing such user-friendly, efficient, and effective software. We highly recommend RM IT Solutions for other organizations as well, for they indeed deliver the best.”

Micro Support

“RM IT team consists of people are curious to learn as much as possible and deliver the best. This is an added advantage to us. The timely response and accurate data enabled us to evaluate our daily performances of the organization, as well as in decision making. We found RM IT to demonstrate superior technical competence, best networking facilities, and they always satisfied our requirements by providing us products that best suited our environment. All in all, we consider RM IT to be our trusted Partner. “

Asmitha Microfin Limited- Administration

“Based on our requirements, RM IT has always developed the necessary products with high quality and efficiency. Its user friendly interface has benefited many of our users. We use various modules customized and developed by RM IT, and all of them are up to the mark. However, RM IT has gone out of the way in providing us great connectivity and data security, and I would like to thank RM IT for it.”