Why to opt ‘mf Expert - Financial Accounting’?

  • Reduce operating cost
  • Reduce unnecessary work
  • Consolidate your financial statements quickly
  • Better control on financial information
  • Financial reports for different hirarchy levels
  • Offer high level of authorization, data security and integrity

Key Features - Administrative Level

  • Role Based Access for various Management Levels
  • User Management with Enhanced Security Features
  • Multi-Level Group Creations
  • Easy creation of Accounting Groups & Ledgers for all branches
  • Consolidate Reports from H.O.
  • Data Access through Online and/or Offline Network
  • Data Maintenance (Accessing, Storing) through H.O.

Key Features – User Level

  • Multi-Level Branch Creations
  • Handling all required financial transactions
  • Unlimited ‘Branch Group’ creation
  • Auto consolidation of all financial statements
  • Column wise comparative statements
  • Unlimited templates provision for each financial statement
  • Branch specific Account Ledger creation