mfExpert Web is a robust and scalable platform that helps to automate all business processes of MFI organization on a single technology, which includes an Android based mobile application, which is ideal for MFI field operations on daily basis.

This solution, an intuitive system providing Web based interface, developed considering the challenges MFIs came across. Some of these challenges are Real-time Branch Transaction reports, Data Sync issues, Resource optimization, security, scalability and stability.

A single Sign-on across product (e.g., LMS, FA, HRPM and CMS) gives emphasis on easy-to-use interfaces. The menu-driven screens have detailed explanations and offer several options. The users need not be tech Savvy or experts to benefit from this system.

With mfExpert Interactive dashboard, stakeholders get much required control over Strategic and resource planning. Dashboard are highly configurable according user needs.

Silent Feature:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Automated Member Credit Report(Equifax/Highmark)
  • User Specific Dashboard

  • Real-Time MIS Reports
  • Android Mobile Application
  • Hosted On Cloud (Microsoft Azure)
  • Centralized Disbursement(Bank Integration)


  • Application will run in cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MAC OS etc)
  • Easy to migrate to mobile based solution
  • Web-based applications simply do not require any installation process
  • Any change will be implemented in real time basis
  • Data will be accessed on real time basis
  • Does not need synchronization
  • CMS team can resolve the complaints directly
  • Easy to implement Dashboard solutions

Technical specification

  • Software Model : Web Application
  • Framework : ASP.NET CORE MVC 2.0
  • Database : MS SQL server 2017
  • Database Technology : Entity Framework Core ORM Tool
  • Reporting Technology : Stimulsoft

Infrastructure Description

Cloud services helps to meet our business requirements to compile General Data Protection Regulation. It is the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using favorite tools and frameworks. Application and Database servers’ hosted with Microsoft Azure, with Data Center located in India in compliance with RBI data Policy of back up and Disaster Recovery.